What is Your Worst Quality?

Yesterday in my Creative Writing class my teacher asked us ten very simple questions he said told him a lot about our personality. Things like “what are you looking forward to the most when you finish high school?” or “if somebody came up to you and said they could give you all the money you wanted, and all you have to do is agree that one person you don’t know will die, would you do it?” My answer to the last one was yes, in case you were wondering. One of these questions was “what is your worst quality?” My initial response was ┬áthat I can be rather mean to people and that I’m bossy, but after a while I realized those aren’t my worst qualities. They are definitely flaws, but are they my worst qualities? I don’t think so.

After thinking about this for a while, I realized that, in my eyes, a person’s worst quality is one that affects them and those around them. Both of the things I had initially put as my “worst” qualities really only affect those around me. It’s detrimental to them, but it doesn’t affect me, and if it even helps me succeed and outperform my peers in some cases, how can that be a bad thing? Granted, you’re probably thinking that walking over others as a means to an end is a bad quality, but I disagree. What is a bad quality other than something that hinders your achievement? Evolutionarily speaking, parasitic qualities are fantastic qualities. Humans are where they are today because of these qualities society considers “bad.”┬áBut really, society only considers them as bad qualities because nobody likes being used even though we all do it to eachother.

What are your worst qualities? What do you consider to be a “bad quality?” Comment below!

I'd love you hear your thoughts!

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